Thai Airways cancels flights due to India-Pakistan tensions

Thousands have been stranded. 

By BK staff | Feb 28, 2019

Thai Airways flights between Thailand and Europe were canceled on Wednesday night and Thursday morning after Pakistan closed its airspace.

As announced on the airlines' website, Thai Airways canceled 10 flights to Europe that fly over Pakistan airspace, including those between Suvarnabhumi Airport and London, Moscow and Frankfurt. Also canceled were flights to Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad in Pakistan. 

A number of global airlines were forced to divert or cancel flights yesterday after Pakistan shut down its airspace in response to heavy military clashes with India. 

According to the announcement, Thai Airways is "monitoring the situation closely in order to properly assess the situation and plans to operate flights on an alternative route that does not pass Pakistan and is now awaiting for airspace authorization."

An urgent meeting will take place today to reroute flights to Europe after flight cancelations brought about by the India-Pakistan crisis left thousands of passengers stranded

Thai Airways passengers who hold tickets on the affected routes may change their itinerary (conditions apply).

Thai Airways operates three routes between Thailand and Pakistan: one flight per day to Karachi and Lahore and four flights per week to Islamabad.

Some flights out of Phuket and Don Mueang airports have also been affected, and passengers heading to Europe have been advised to check their flight status ahead of any departures today. 

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