Phuket Airport wants tourists to stop taking selfies near landing planes

Officials pledge to introduce a new safety zone.

By BK staff | Mar 08, 2019

Phuket International Airport officials have voiced concerns over people taking selfies in nearby public areas near where aircraft fly low.

As reported by Bangkok Post, a new safety zone off-limits to the public is being developed near the airport runway and will soon be put in place. 

The area on Nai Yang Beach has become a popular destination in itself for tourists to shoot photos and videos with aircraft flying across the sea to land—see one of the viral posts below.    

Deputy Phuket airport chief Wichit Kaeothaithiam met with provincial officials this week to discuss implementing strict safety rules as required by the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

Earlier, as reported by Phuket News, officials announced safety measures they hoped to enforce on visitors to the area, which included: not going near or climbing the airport fence due to the danger of turbulent air; not taking photos using flash; not using drones or laser lights; and not releasing balloons or floating lanterns. 








Photo: A Thai Smile plane lands on the runway at Phuket International Airport. Rattaphol Kerdkaen / Flickr

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